Frequently Asked Questions

Are you psychic?
I make no claims. I am not “gifted”. I have no “special powers”. I’m not a fortune teller. I don’t speak to dead people. Actually, anybody could do the things I do… though it might take them twenty years of study and practice!

Can you actually read my mind?
Personally, I believe it’s impossible to read minds – there’s just too much going on in there… memories, hopes, ambitions, and the million things that go to keep us alive. However, I combine intuition, empathy and body language to momentarily capture a single thought, or thought process, and reveal it. In other words, it’s thought-reading… and it’s remarkably spooky!

Are you ever wrong?
I’ve had my moments! However, so finely honed are my skills that I can usually get a hit rate of around 90% – that’s far better than most “psychics”!

How do you bend metal?
With style and panache! Okay, really? I stroke it very gently, and it melts and bends… Metallurgists have studied the resulting pile of twisted silverware and are none the wiser.  While I am not above employing subliminal perceptual manipulation techniques… does it matter? It’s highly skilled and, equally, highly entertaining. Not to mention truly amazing!